In The Wilds of New Jersey

Alone in the car, on my now regular morning commute, I busted out laughing. I had one of those moments where I separated from myself and looked in on my life as an observer, and couldn’t keep it in!

It’s 5:35 am and I am making my way from the house to the bus stop, 15 minutes worth of windy country streets and 5 highway exits away. High beams are on (no street lights where I’m living now), there is a mysterious Scooby-Doo like fog and I am trying not to hit the hoards of deer that are eating their breakfast on all sides of me and at every turn. As I try to maneuver the boat (Chevy Tahoe) that is my generously lent vehicle for the time being, I lose it. Haha! Never would have predicted this would be me!

Not so very long ago I was doing my thing in the tall building having, people everywhere going, public transportation riding city, and loving it.  Today, I am flying an airplane to work at 5 o’clock in the morning, it is dark in a way that  city dwellers wouldn’t understand, and there are animals EVERYWHERE! This week alone I had to slow down to avoid a raccoon and freaked out because I almost ran over a chipmunk and then a frog.  Not that I would have felt it driving this monster truck anyway…

This new life couldn’t be more different from my old one in every way, and I cannot get over the fact that in a moment of bravery I decided to just make the change, and go for something new! No one forced me, or even proposed the idea to me, it was my brilliant thinking alone. Ha! But, at this point, I wouldn’t take it back.

I am still feeling out this new country lifestyle, trying to get used to driving everywhere, planning ahead for everything and waking up at 5 am, but I’m glad I made the move. I decided I wanted to try to save up enough money to make my dream of long-term travel a reality, and I put myself out there to really work toward making it happen. I hope to be hearing ‘Bon Voyage’ soon enough, but even if things don’t work out the way I hoped, at least I will always be able to laugh at myself trying to make it in the wilds of New Jersey.


4 responses to “In The Wilds of New Jersey

  1. “As I try to maneuver the boat …” haha you got this!

  2. The struggle is real! Haha.

  3. Lol you got me laughing this morning. You could have stayed in the city for the Vehicular Manslaughter. A Raccoon, Chipmunk and a Frog!!! Smh lol hopefully this wasn’t all in the same week.

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