March On…

With a departure date in early January, I still have quite a way to go. I’m not even to the halfway point yet; I still have more time to wait than I have waited thus far. Ugh. Some days and weeks have flown by while others have felt double their actual length. At 1 or 2 points I even considered just biting the bullet and leaving immediately, because I could. But I didn’t.

The ideal version of changing my life required me to wait so that I could take full advantage of the time to prepare and really make sure I was doing the right things for myself and my plan. And I knew that if I made it through January, February and March, that the other 9 months would be a breeze. Why? I hate January, February and March. The winter days are so short that time feels long. I despise the cold- my body just wasn’t built to effectively insulate itself. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything but hang out in my bed and read or watch shows on Hulu. My preferred form of exercise is running outdoors, which is really difficult during these months, so instead I opt for very little exercise at all, which just leads to more lying around. If it weren’t for the necessity of getting up and going to work everyday, I might be mistaken for a hibernating chipmunk (I’m way too small to compare to a bear).


But, come April, the days are full of more light and slightly warmer temperatures that will allow me to go back outside to run. I get more done and want to do more. April and May are also busy months at work, and when im busy all day, time moves more quickly. Plus, the temperatures will have risen enough so that I no longer have to go outside 5-10 minutes before I leave in the morning to brush the snow or ice off of the car. I cannot explain how much I am looking forward to that moment!

Then comes summer, and I don’t even need to rush the summer away. Those are my months; the point in the year when it is light on my way to work and on my way home from work. In June, July and August, just sitting outside somewhere is an actual activity. Plus, by then, it will be time for me to kick a lot of things into gear and begin a lot of preparations for my trip! The summer is also a fairly relaxed time at work so I get to fully enjoy the anticipation of it all.


Come September, I celebrate my birthday and then I’m off to visit Seattle and Vancouver to spend some time with a bunch of friends. Once I return, October will be the following week! In October, I travel for work for a few weeks, which I really enjoy and makes the time pass. By then, I will be so close to departure that I will be full speed ahead visiting doctors while I still have health insurance, getting clothes and gear that I will take with me and getting rid of possessions that I won’t need anymore.

By the time we reach November, my SoleJourn will be so close I can taste it. Thanksgiving will come and go and I will feel like I need MORE time to get everything done (Isn’t that always how it works?). December, another busy month at work always flies. With preparations for the holidays and last minute things for my trip, Christmas comes and then one day very soon after that I wake up and its TIME.


So basically what I’m trying to say is, once we hit April, I’m as good as gone! I will no longer need to laboriously cross days off of the calendar one by one because they will escape me all on their own. The worst of the waiting is over and the best yet to come!


8 responses to “March On…

  1. Qué ilusión! Sobre todo la visita a Seattle jaja.

  2. Yaaay! I know it’s been difficult, but hopefully, as you’ve pointed out, it will be smooth sailing from here 🙂
    Also, you’re hilarious as I’m equally blah in the winter and I love the pun “March on”!

  3. Also, when you come back you should write a book.

    • Thanks! Isn’t the winter the worst? I need to make a life somewhere where there isn’t one- working on it. And the pun just came to me haha. What should this book be about?

  4. I like the pic of the chipmunk! Enjoy all your days- wherever they may be…

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