In Just 5 Short Days

As I write this, just 5 days from my departure date, reality still has not hit me. I know that at this time next Tuesday I should be in flight on my way to Miami, but it doesn’t feel real! I think it’s because to this point, everything has been so routine;  there has been no real evidence that my normal is about to be obliterated. I still get up at 5 am to go to work each day, still work my second job in the evenings and weekends, still split my time between the city and the country, and still don’t spend money on anything. Lately, I have been so busy focusing on what needs to get done here, I have honestly barely thought about what it will feel like to be out there.

But, I don’t have much time left before it just IS real, so I think it’s about time I start living in the moment and appreciating this place that I’m in. I want to feel the anticipation and the anxiety, the excitement and sense of great expectation. Maybe by laying it all out here, my brain will finally catch up:

I have TWO days left at work. Between now and my departure I will sleep in my own bed for just THREE more nights. I only have to wake up at 5 am to get to work ONCE more. In just FIVE days the average daily temperature where I live will go from below 30 degrees to somewhere in the 80s. My phone number will go from a 646 area code to a randomly assigned 209 on my international SIM card. I will go from saving mode to spending mode, living off of approximately $50 USD a day. Completely structured days will give way to 100% free, open days full of every possibility.

In just FIVE short days my life will belong entirely to my imagination.

Sunset on Paracas

That’s pretty big! And I think it just hit me.


6 responses to “In Just 5 Short Days

  1. Jason Schoonover

    Good Luck!

  2. Gonna miss you, and I think you know that. On the one hand, I want you to stay safe; on the other do EVERYTHING you ever wanted to and more! Love you, Mom

  3. This is so inspiring!!!!

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