Belize By Numbers

Two Coconuts

Number of coconuts consumed: 2

Here, a slightly different perspective on my time in Belize:

Number of days I thought I’d be in Belize: 40

Number of days I actually spent in Belize: 26 (This is mostly because my two-week volunteering stint fell through. Still, some weather related events and general bad timing meant I left one or two places earlier than I would have liked.)

Number of locations visited: 8

Average number of nights spent in each location: 3

Longest stay in one place: 5 nights

Shortest stay in one place: 1 night

Approximate number of mosquito and sandfly bites acquired: 47

Number of times I teamed up with other travelers for a short time: 2

Number of nights spent in private rooms, split with said new friends: 5

Number of tours participated in: 4

Number of bus and ferry rides taken: 14

Number of days spent on the beach or at least in view of the ocean: 23

Number of coconuts consumed: 2

Daily spending goal: $40 USD or $80 BZ

Actual average daily spend: $38.75 USD or $77.50 BZ

Cheapest day: $18.34 USD or $36.68 BZ in Dangriga

Most expensive day: $84.90 USD or $169.80 BZ in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Average cost of a night in a hostel: $13.93 USD or $27.86 BZ

Average cost of night in a hotel solo: $26.38 USD or $52.78 BZ

Average cost of night in hotel room for 3, per person: $9.14 USD or $18.30 BZ

Total amount spent on souvenirs for myself: $3.02 USD or $6.04 BZ

Total amount spent while in Belize: $1007.62 USD

Overall spending goal for Belize: $1040.00 USD

Total budget for Belize: $1300 USD

Take aways:

  • Plans change quickly and often and its amazing to be able to just float along as you please
  • If you don’t continuously go on expensive tours, it is easy to stick to your budget
  • Split your time between more expensive and less expensive locations for best results
  • Traveling alone is inexpensive but traveling with other people is most affordable, as you get to split cheap prices a few ways. Take your traveling friends up on their offers when they invite you along!
  • Bug spray doesn’t work

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