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Corozal to the Cayes

After 2 nights in Orange Walk, I decided it was time to move on. I could either head back the way I had come or continue north to one of two towns I was considering visiting. One, Sarteneja, was my first choice, but I was told the road was flooded and it might be hard to get to via bus. So I decided to head instead to Corozal, where I could either catch a water taxi to Sarteneja or continue on to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. I headed to the bus depot and waited for the first bus labeled Chetumal, a Mexican town that borders Belize, to show up and take me north. 

On the ride, I had an almost completely one sided exchange with a guy claiming to be Belize’s biggest music and movie star on his way to Mexico to promote his latest projects. Turns out, if I had been a local girl, which I have been mistaken for several times by now, I could have appeared in his next film… I’m just never the right nationality at the right time 😛 .

Once in Corozal, I grabbed a taxi to help me find a hotel because the road in seemed a bit long and I wasn’t positive where I was headed. After finding success on my second try, I set out to do some exploring and find out what time the Thunderbolt water taxi left in the morning. Soon I stopped for lunch and ordered a burrito that contained none of the usual insides I have come to expect of a burrito, bought some plantain chips, and found a bench to sit on for a while. I scouted the first of many big pelicans I would see, then started to head back to my hotel before the sky began to open up. I only made it as far as an outdoor waterfront bar before the rain. I figured I might as well sample the Belizean beer, Belikin and chatted with another American who happened to be in Belize dodging U.S. law enforcement. He had gotten this far without a passport, and was ready to go home, but couldn’t quite figure out how he’d get back into the U.S. without one…hmm.


Once the rain stopped and having seen pretty much all this town, becoming more popular with North American retirees, had to offer, I called it a night. But first, I decided to skip Sarteneja, and head straight to the islands the next day on the one outbound boat leaving at 7 am.

Though Corozal was far from eventful, at least I got to see this the next morning waiting for the ferry to San Pedro:

Corozal sunrise 2

Corozal sunrise