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Semuc Champey: A Guatemalan Gem

Hola Amigos! I know this post is ridiculously overdue! I was on top of Belize in an impressive way but have been in Guatemala for two months now and haven’t uttered a word about it! I promise it’s because I have been busy exploring every corner, learning Spanish ( have spent four of my eight weeks on this activity ) and generally having a great time. Well, now that March has nearly passed without a peep from me, I thought it was time I shared some photos of one of Guatemala’s greatest hits: Semuc Champey.

This spot is NOT easy to get to- the roads into Lanquin, the ‘big’ town outside Semuc where many travellers base themselves, are rough and slow going. From Lanquin you must pile into the back of a small but powerful truck that takes ¬†you just under 7 miles in an hour up and then down and then up, through the jungle. I stayed at a hostel just outside the entrance to Semuc Champey where I could relax and take these amazing photos:

El Portal







Once you arrive you can hike to a lookout point, swim in the pools, which I did right after taking photos, tube down the river that flows away from the pools and explore a cave system right next door. This place is amazing!

Side note: I may have swallowed a bit of water in these pools that resulted in a parasite that left me sick every Friday night-Saturday for three weeks before I gave in and took antibiotics to get rid of it, but maybe not. It’s just a theory and anyway I’ll never know the truth. But no matter anyway because you won’t swallow any water when you visit!